Powder Puff Game

04/24/22 Junior and Senior girls helped raise money to fight juvenile diabetes

Senior Girls Powder Puff get together for a group photo (Chloe Peterson)
Even with a loss, senior girls run by the stands to high five the parents (Chloe Peterson)
Senior girls breaking in huddle around coach Gage Roach before the next half (Chloe Peterson)
Coach Brooks Lowe high five the senior girls as they run out of the locker room (Chloe Peterson)
Senior Alayna Sutton pulling the flag off Junior Ashley Reecht (Chloe Peterson)
Senior Libby Schwabauer jumping into Morgan Winners arms with excitement (Chloe Peterson)
Seniors Alayna Sutton and Libby Schwabauer celebrating an interception (Chloe Peterson)
Senior Megan Hartnett running toward the end zone (Chloe Peterson)
Seniors Reece Rigdon and Jenna Walesh linking arms in excitement for the next half (Chloe Peterson)
Girls huddle around coach Gage Roach to discuss their next play (Chloe Peterson)
Senior girls listening to coaches Charlie Johnson, Joey Nichols and Brooks Lowe (Chloe Peterson)
Senior Grace Bartlett approaching the end zone (Chloe Peterson)
Girls huddling around coach Braxton Symonds for the next play (Chloe Peterson)
Senior Girls trying to distract Junior girls (Chloe Peterson)
Girls huddle around coaches Gage Roach and Charlie Johnson (Chloe Peterson)