The Year of Horrors on the Night of Horrors

Trick- Treaters are forced to be creative, as mask become a requirement.

2020 may be a mess, but if there is one thing no one wants to flop this year, it’s Halloween. It seems like there’s not much coronavirus can do to impede the holiday, except maybe slow down the parties a little. But how will dressing up change during the year? What parts of 2020 are going to show up on Halloween the most?


Your not-so creative friends have probably thought of ‘being coronavirus for Halloween’ or something along those lines. Lots of people had this same thought while shopping for costumes. Party City’s viral outbreak costume, used in past years as a fun apocalyptic or sci-fi plague costume, is now near the most popular costume thanks to COVID-19. “It of course quadrupled in sales and is currently the most desired,” Party City working manager Jamie says.


Also as the election approaches, so do the timeless presidential costumes. Trump and Biden costumes are up the charts the most since 2016. Most have appealed to the need for humor this season.


Par for the course this time of the year, displays of pop culture and television make a fun appearance with costume choices. 2019 may seem like forever ago, but it pulls out the stops where costumes are concerned. Where 2020 lacks in movies and TV, 2019 makes an upstanding appearance. Notably are the children’s costumes, with many bestsellers being themed of Frozen 2 or Toy Story 4, each popular films of 2019. Other timeless Disney classics make appearances as usual- fun and spooky season specific costumes such as Ghostbusters, Star Wars and the Nightmare Before Christmas top the charts.