Hanging With Friends Covid-19 Edition

6 ft apart. Masks. Stay At Home Orders.

COVID has made our lives take an unexpected turn. Its hit has made our lives completely change from our normal to a new normal in a matter of months. With the precautions the pandemic presented itself with, many of the usual, fun activities for teenagers cannot be done. Although many usual activities can’t be done, there are new and creative covid outing ideas that people have turned to. Recently, the Spotlight conducted a poll on Instagram stories to gather some of the most common COVID outing ideas.

Outdoor activities are a safe way to stay active and have fun. Some activities include picnics and hammocking in trees. Being able to be with your friends and do these simple and entertaining activities is a great thing to do during this pandemic.

Macy Baier

Stargazing is a popular activity that many people stated they did over the summer. It’s relaxing and the fun vibe draws in people of all ages to stargaze. There are a couple of essentials to remember as you go stargazing. Pick a nice and quiet spot, grab some friends or family, and just relax. Looking at the stars and finding constellations while laying out with the people you love is what makes this activity such a popular hit.

Chelsea Park

The Louisburg Cider Mill is a classic fall favorite for people of all ages. From the pumpkin patch, the cider donuts, and the cute spots to take pictures, everyone loves going to the Cider Mill. There is also a corn maze for kids to find their way through. Now, because of its outdoor setting, it has turned into a safe spot family or friends can gather and hang out.

Ana Esqueda

Drive-in Movies are back! From being super popular in the late 1900s to slowly dying out, they have made their comeback to being a popular activity nowadays. Although they never technically went away, their popularity was decreasing. Since movie theaters are forced to close down, for the time being, people have turned to watch movies at drive-ins again. Its outdoor setting allows people to watch movies in a fun way while staying safe from the pandemic.

Lizzie McGrath