Jazz Band and Marching Performance 11/03

Elijah Jay, Owen Wallander, and Yashaswi Cherukumudi stand playing next to each other. (Kiara Nissen)
Standing tall, Nate Wisdom conducts the marching band. (Kiara Nissen)
Standing on the front of the stage, Ishaan Buddharaju is performing his solo. (Kiara Nissen)
Mahad Zamir taking a breath to blow in the trumpet. (Kiara Nissen)
Standing in the back of the auditorium, Zach Sonsthagen plays his cornet. (Kiara Nissen)
Kenny Halls plays his cornet in the middle of the walkway surrounding the sound throughout the hall. (Kiara Nissen)
Positioned right in front of the audience Jack Smith plays his saxophone. (Kiara Nissen)
Aidan Peterson extending his arm for his trombone. (Kiara Nissen)
Along with the other saxophonist Sam Pro plays his saxophone. (Kiara Nissen)
Silus Baldwin using his air to create a loud sound out of his instrument. (Kiara Nissen)
During a band mates solo, Omkar Baghane looks and smiles. (Kiara Nissen)
Katie, Aryav Biyala, and Eric Marte are lined up together to create a loud sound from the saxophone. (Kiara Nissen)
Pranith Gorrepati takes a deep breath to blow into his Tuba. (Kiara Nissen)
Practicing before the performance, Alex White smiles to his band mates. (Kiara Nissen)
Braden McConnell and Luke Allen play the drums together. (Kiara Nissen)