COVID Fashion

Dressing for school has changed during the pandemic

COVID Fashion

“What you wear is how you present your self to the world, especially today, when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is instant language.” Clothing designer Miuccia Prada. BV West shows off many different styles through culture, trends, and identity.

“ I think COVID-19 has affected people’s fashion because now that we are home all the time you just wanna be comfortable over being stylish,” freshmen Joey Brogden said.

Others have similar views on how COVID-19 has changed up their style.

“I think that people have a lot of time to look on the internet to look at outfit ideas and do lots of DIYS and revamp their clothes at home, more tie-dyes have been in than nice, dressy outfits,” freshmen Josie Peters said.

Though, some had different outlooks on what styles and trends are in and what to do with their free time.

“I have had more time to look online on Pinterest and instagram and I have been more for jeans and hightop shoes and trying to change up my clothing style,” senior Emma Montgomery said.

Fashion is always changing. Over the years the fashion sense has changed for kids at school.

“There’s more benefits and confidence that happens who you actively get ready for school,” said senior Tanner Macdonald.

Kids these days are dressing more and more like they just rolled out of bed and got in the car to go to school. There are a few people that like to get ready for school.

“I like to look good for me,” said freshman Addison Rosen. “People say dress to impress.”

Kids these days may think that they are not enough because they don’t have the certain fashion or style that others kids have.

“I think people have new trends each year and like to keep up with them.” said freshman Jaylee Soule.

Teens sometimes judge their peers on appearance.

“Some people could try a little bit harder to look approachable, but it’s totally their choice.” said Rosen.

Kids should be able to dress how they want without any hesitation or without feeling like they are going to be judged.

“We all wake up early. Whatever works for people works for them.” said Macdonald.

Some teens have even changed their style because of going to school.

“My sense of fashion is low key. I like to keep it comfy but also look like I didn’t just get out of bed.” said Macdonald.

There may be some benefits to looking good for school but there could also be benefits to dressing down. It’s really up to the person on what they want to wear.

When asked where students found their fashion inspiration, they had a variety of responses.

“I think people get their inspiration from social media, friends, and siblings,” Brogden said.

Others had similar responses.

“I usually get my inspiration from social media, Pinterest, and my sister,” Peters said.

When asking their “go to” outfits, they all had pretty similar responses.

“My go to outfit would be sweatpants and a sweatshirt,” Brogden said.

“Usually, I like to wear shorts with a sweatshirt when doing online school,” Peters said.

“If I’m in school I usually wear leggings and a sweatshirt, but when I’m online I usually wear pajama pants and a hoodie,” Montgomery said.