Debate Banquet 01/18

Group celebrates successful season

Ms. Goodson receives many thoughtful gifts from her debate participants. (Katie Gillian)
The debate team has won many awards including there most recent placings in state. (Katie Gillian)
Ms. Goodson shows her appreciation for her outstanding debate team. (Katie Gillian)
Sophomore, Eman Suleman presents some information about debate to the crowd. (Katie Gillian)
Sophomore, Rishab Barve presents to the crowd while also cracking some laughs. (Katie Gillian)
Sophomore, Arnesh Sharma claps for his fellow debate team members. (Katie Gillian)
Senior, Sai Pardhan talks about his debate experience and thanks many family members and friends. (Katie Gillian)
Senior, Nargis Suleman puts on her chord as she thanks loved ones for helping her with her debate journey. (Katie Gillian)
Senior, Mackenzie Leece shares some laughs about the 4 years she’s been in debate. (Katie Gillian)
Senior, Kevin Xu enthusiastically talks about debate and the fun he’s had. (Katie Gillian)
Senior, Shishir Vargheese informs the crowd about the time he’s spent at debate. (Katie Gillian)
Sophomore, Sarah Jiang introduces one of the beloved seniors in debate. (Katie Gillian)