Standing out and Fundraising for the Arts


BV West Junior Matthew Burgess and Senior Zane Champie are Stand[ing] Out, as they organize a school wide Nightstrike game. Similar to the game played at Youthfront, the school wide activity supports the charity Speak Up, Stand Out.

“Speak Up Stand Out is an organization that focuses on promoting and supporting arts education in urban schools that may not be able to adequately fund arts programs on their own.” Champie said. “The mission is to bring arts students at West in contact with the arts communities downtown and encourage them to make a difference for other kids with the same passions that they have. The nightstrike event is a large fundraiser that will donate its proceeds to the KC Jazz Museum’s outreach programs downtown.”

The game, originally planned for November 5th, has been delayed until the spring to allow for more promotion and participation. Fundraisers are being planned throughout the year to contribute to the charity.

“It’s going to be held in the spring so that more people can attend and will consist of an arts showcase followed by the nightstrike game which is a capture the flag sort of event with flashlights.” Champie said.

“The event will begin in the Blue Valley West PAC with a short showcase of the BVW arts community,” said BVW Nightstrike twitter. “Following the showcase, Nightstrike will be played outside behind the school. Go all out in your black clothing for this event! The objective of the game is for each student to make it from point A (the bus loop) to point B (the soccer practice field), picking up tickets on the way at designated checkpoints. You also must try to stay away from the ‘strikers’ (teachers and other faculty) who are trying to find students and take away their tickets. Once you get to the soccer field, you will try to make it under the spotlight tower to turn in your tickets. If you’re hit with the spotlight you’ll have to start over.”

Follow @StandOutBVW to find signups and more information.