Too Soon to Ask?

Emily Moore, Managing Editor

The carnival, the bonfire, and the hoards of kids dressed to impress by showing off their school spirit; these are all things to expect when homecoming week rolls around. It can get pretty hectic at times. Just to add to the chaos, there are all of the kids who have procrastinated asking that one person to Homecoming, so they are all asking at the same time.

There are a lot of preparations involved in going to Homecoming. If students wait until the last week to ask someone, there is a lot to do in not a lot of time. When you have to make dinner reservations, plan the picture taking, buy tickets, and get a boutonniere/corsage all in one week, it can get stressful. Spirit week constitutes enough thought as it is, without all the extra planning and shopping that needs to be done. Plus if you didn’t have the proper formal attire, shopping for a dress or nice shirt and pants, becomes a necessity as well.

Students may get teased for asking too early but, as far I’m concerned, it’s a lot more beneficial than asking too late. While everyone else is scrambling, they can kick back and relax because everything is done. It doesn’t matter if someone asks in August. The dance is in September, and it is only a month away. Not to mention, asking early can relieve a lot of pressure, you know immediately if you get to go with that special person.

Not to mention, I know that I would much rather have someone ask me early than wait until the last week. Especially if I had already decided not to go and made other plans, getting asked at the last minute would put me in a tough spot. Then I would either have to cancel plans or disappoint the asker. It is just much more considerate and thoughtful to ask ahead of time, rather than waiting until the last minute.

So, essentially, anyone who wants to ask early should feel free to do so and get their dream date. Then they have almost no time frame for everything that needs to be done, and there are no prolonged worries. There really are no disadvantages to asking early, but there are to asking late. So ask away!