Fake Twitters

Emily Moore, Managing Editor

Twitter is slowly dominating the web. More often than not, people can get quick information off of Twitter, and it has replaced Facebook in a lot of ways. That being said, part of the entertainment in Twitter, are the anonymous and fake accounts.
In the last couple years, there have been multiple teachers who have “created” Twitter accounts. But, in fact, it is not them that made the account at all. So look at the account before freaking out, thinking that it is the real teacher.
All teachers have distinct personalities, but every once and a while, a teacher earns the right in the mind of one or a group of students that find them more distinct than others. Then, for the purpose of entertainment, those students make a Twitter account for the teacher.
On these Twitter accounts, they say things that the teacher might say that would be funny, or sometimes just things that they say often. However, a lot of these teachers are completely unaware of their false Twitter account, which makes it that much more funny. It is almost like an inside jokes between the students who have that teacher.
But, there are some teachers that are informed of their Twitter and actually enjoy it. Some teachers actually find it really interesting and funny to read what their students have to say. It also shows teachers how their students see them and often find it very comical.
Nothing on these accounts appears to be in mean spirits, it is simply just for fun. There are some that may be taken the wrong way in the eyes of others but in the eyes of students, it is not considered mean.
Teachers that have these fake Twitter accounts should honestly be honored. It means that the students find that particular teachers personality to be unique, entertaining, or funny. None of which are bad things, so actually, teachers should never be offended be their fake accounts.
It is all out of fun and no harm has been done. It is way for students with a certain teacher to bond together with a common purpose and possibly even grow to enjoy their teacher even more than before.