What Now? Album Review


The album cover for Sylvan Esso’s sophomore album

On April 28th, 2017, indie-pop band Sylvan Esso released their sophomore album What Now. From album to album, their sound has, for the most part, has been maintained. The only differences being the use of more acoustic instruments as seen in the songs The Glow, and Song. In the Sylvan Esso style, they have biting dramatic tracks like the singles Die Young and Radio and songs to dance your heart out to like Kick Jump Twist and Just Dancing. Towards the end of the album, What Now features an enveloping, slow track titled Slack Jaw. Somehow the lyrics are hopeful, and sorrowful, and compelling all at the same time. Even for a slow song, Slack Jaw remains one of the most memorable tracks on this album, the most memorable track being Rewind. This song begins with unsettling disjointed beats and in a few seconds everything comes together in a very satisfying way and the song just continues to build and build into a powerful crescendo that finishes the album out.

Overall, What Now has several impressive tracks that evoke all sorts of feelings, anywhere from sadness to carefree joy. Compared to Sylvan Esso, Sylvan Esso’s first album, What Now feels more complete and leaves you feeling better than before you listened to it. It takes a talented band to do that sort of thing and Sylvan Esso certainly has that talent.