Big 12 Predictions Foiled

Harrison Whitney, Reporter

For all of you that follow the NCAA tournament: how many of you quit already?  I can tell you I have, especially after Missouri lost. Our so called “Big 12” tournament champions and one of the hottest teams going into the tournament, lose to a 15 seed. Norfolk State, who has actually even heard of them?

After Duke and Missouri both lost to 15 seeds, there were absolutely no perfect brackets in ESPN. This is one of the first years it has happened. Thanks to Missouri for beating everyone in the Big 12, but then losing and being a huge laughing stock in the tournament.. Now they are leaving the Big 12, and moving onto the SEC next year. They will not do well in the SEC. In fact, they will probably be demolished. A lot of people that made a bracket listened to all of the geniuses at ESPN, who said Missouri would be at the Final Four. I also thought Missouri would have the team to make it to the Final Four, or even win the tournament.

Missouri blew everyone over, and they were a big joke in my opinion. I think they definitely got a little too cocky playing this 15 seed team. People called it luck, Norfolk State shot a 54 percent, but then in their next game they shot about a 30 something percent and lost by 34 points to Florida. Congratulations to the Norfolk State team on beating a big power team from the Big 12 in the tournament, and showing them to not so big headed about it.