Madden 13

Jacob Paschal

It’s that time of year again. The avid video gamers and die-hard sports fans have been waiting for this game to come, as another piece of the Madden franchise is being released. Madden 13 was released on August 28, 2012, and is supposedly one of the best Maddens to ever find the hands of gamers.

Of course, when you purchase a brand new game, you are always optimistic about the gameplay. If you weren’t feeling that way, then you wouldn’t be putting your hard earned money into buying a video game. Typically, when you invest in a series of games such as Madden or FIFA, you liked the previous game that came out. Usually, that will lead you to buying the new game with much anticipation. The tough job for game developers is keeping the general format of the game the same, yet still making big changes. Too little or too much change could push customers away from the game, and possibly the rest of the series. With the improvements in Madden 13, customers can only hope for the best.

EA Sports has adopted the Infinity Engine for Madden 13, which will slightly change the overall physics of the game. A new factor has emerged in tackling and making big hits, which happens to be momentum. When a player hits another player, his momentum will carry the two players in the same direction, causing the game to look more realistic than ever. This engine is a big improvement to the Madden franchise.

Another big improvement to the Madden franchise is total control passing. Users now have much better control over where their passes are thrown to assist the receiver. Now, there are huge amounts of options in passing. If the defender is right on your targeted receiver, you have the ability to lead the receiver even more, giving him a better play on the ball. The possibilities are endless.

The only negative component of the game could be on the defensive side of the ball. With the introduction of the total control passing, defense could become a nightmare. The amount of interceptions thrown will dramatically decrease from the previous years. Many skilled players will now be able to pick apart your defense, which could end up in a few broken controllers.

Overall, Madden 13 is set to be one of the best games out of the whole series. This game has become much more user friendly and allows for customization by the player in every single play. We can all hope that this game does not turn into a $65 mistake.