What a Ride! Boys Basketball State Wrap-Up

State tournament synopsis of each game in Topeka

What a Ride! Boys Basketball State Wrap-Up

Sabrina Cline, Photographer

The boys basketball team headed to the State tournament after an exciting win over the BV Southwest Timberwolves to win the sub-state tournament 63-41 on March 7. The excitement in the halls was palpable for the team even with many students were concerned about mid-terms and projects, and the countdown to Spring Break.

The first game of the State tournament found the Jaguars underdogs to the No. 2 seeded Shawnee Heights Thunderbirds. The athletic department providing a spirit bus that helped fill the stands with excited fans which ignited the team.  A back and forth first quarter lead to a 19-14 lead in the second.  Great fast breaks allowed senior Blaise Gammon to come in underneath to score 16 while fellow senior Connor Kaiser used the strategy to score 14 with well timed lay-ups.  The 35-24 halftime score led to a final score of 68-49 and a trip to the semi-final game.

Friday the 13th was bad luck for the Jaguars as they were pitted against Cameron Ellis and the Wichita Heights Falcons in the semi-final game.  The boys were behind the entire game and were hindered by a rough second quarter where the Jags only points came off of seniors Connor Kaiser’s three free-throws.  Senior Blaise Gammon struggled to help the team to only a six point deficit in the third quarter but the team could not get any closer.  Sophomore Mikey Chalupa scored a characteristic three-pointer but the Jaguars charm and teamwork just could not overcome the Falcons.  They lost 53-38.

The Jaguars found themselves in the third place game against Bishop Carroll on Sat., March 14. The third place game put the Jags in a tough place; they had no chance for the State championship but also did not want to end their season with two losses.  The Golden Eagles felt the same and a nail biter ensued.  Senior Connor Kaiser was outstanding from the line, making all 17 of his free throw attempts and finishing with 28 points. The Jags won the game 60-58

The boys basketball team finished the State tournament and a special season with a third place trophy. The five seniors starters, Connor Kaiser, Tommy MCCauley, Luke Curtis, Blaise Gammon and Elijah Martin will be missed by the rest of the team and Jaguar fans.

Check the attached photo gallery for scenes from the Topeka Expo Center.IMG_9996 IMG_9994

Senior Blaise Gammon works for the ball in the State championship semi-final game against Wichita Heights on Fri., March 13.
Sabrina Cline
Senior Blaise Gammon works for the ball in the State championship semi-final game against Wichita Heights on Fri., March 13.

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