Girls Varsity Basketball vs. BVNW

Meghan Fries, a Senior on the BVW Girls Varsity Basketball team jogs down the court to help her team on offense. (Morgan White)
Anna Kratochvil
Senior Olivia Legate caught her breath during a split second break in the game (Anna Kratochvil)
As she was blocked on both sides, junior Lily Ba strategized to pass the ball. (Anna Kratochvil)
Lets Go! Megan Anderson and cheerleading captain Jenna Walesh cheer on their jags during the quarter time out. (Anna Kratochvil)
Senior Olivia Legate dribbled the ball down the court as she worked to score more points. (Anna Kratochvil)
During the tip off, Junior Lily Ba knocked the ball towards the Jags. (Anna Kratochvil )
As the players were announced, Senior Maddie O’brien cheered on the team in a stunt. (Anna Kratochvil)
Senior Lindsey Dewitts shoots and scores a free throw for the Jags. (Morgan White)
Junior Ashley Pittman cheers on the crowd at the end of the third quarter. (Morgan White)
Lindsey Dewitt (Senior) runs down the court to guard on defense. (Morgan White)
Junior Lily Ba had an outstanding game helping the Jags against BVNW. (Morgan White)
Sophomore Makenzie Galliart turns back down the court to help the Jags on defense when the ball got turned over. (Morgan White)
Senior Olivia Legate stares down the opponent waiting for them to make a move. (Morgan White)
On the BVW Varsity Cheer Squad, Nelda Summerlin (Senior) spirits at the end of the first quarter to engage the fans. (Morgan White)
BVW Varsity Cheer Squad performs a stunt during the first quarter while flyers Zoey Flanary (Junior – Left) and Maddie O’Brien (Senior – Right) lead the crowd in the air. (Morgan White)
Senior Lindsey Dewitt subs into the game for Blue Valley West. (Morgan White)
Olivia Legate (Senior) dribbles down the court looking for an open pass. (Morgan White)