JV Football vs. BV 9/14

The JV Team went head to head with BV. They put up a good fight and made some great plays.



Junior Alex Brennan makes the catch (Elizabeth Edmondson)
BVW player tackles BV as they attempt to run the ball (Elizabeth Edmondson)
Coach Howard Talks to the team during halftime (Elizabeth Edmondson)
Coach Howard and Coach Thurston talk to the team during halftime (Elizabeth Edmondson)
Coach Howard Congratulates Charlie Steinart after a play (Elizabeth Edmondson)
Coach Howard and Junior Charlie Steinart Congratulate Sasha Bauer after a great tackle
Sophomore Quin Myers attempts to recover the ball after a fumble from opponent. (Elizabeth Edmondson)
Sophomores Lucas Burnett, Sam Patchen, and Aayush Phadnis defend the ball from opponents (Elizabeth Edmondson)
Sophomore Sam Patchen runs the ball, dodging tackles (Elizabeth Edmondson)
Players line up at the yard line for a touchdown attempt (Elizabeth Edmondson)
Sophomore Ethan Wiley helps teammate after a tackle (Elizabeth Edmondson)
Sophomores Ethan Wiley and Henry Thomas sub in for Cameron Layton and Drew Ely (Elizabeth Edmondson)
Players look to the sky to an airborne ball (Elizabeth Edmondson)
Sophomores Jack Smith, Aayush Phadnis, and Lucas Burnett face opponents before a play (Elizabeth Edmondson)
Sophomore Sasha Bauer shows good sportsmanship for opposing players (Elizabeth Edmondson)
Sophomores Cameron Layton, and Sam Patchen help their teammates defend the ball (Elizabeth Edmondson)
Coach Howard talks to the team during halftime (Elizabeth Edmondson)