Varsity Football vs. BVSW 9/16

Jaguars defeated the Timberwolves 42-7 on a night with special guest, KC Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes

Aditi Mehra, Mia Turner, Lamya Alam, Katie Gilliam, Photographers

Senior John Michael Pujado awaits the next play against BVSW. (Lamya Alam)
Senior Cooper Marquette beats the drum which Jaguar Football game tradition (Aditi Mehra)
BVW cheerleader smiles as BVW v BVSW game begins (Aditi Mehra)
Junior Sage Huffman runs ball as the BVSW defense attempts to stop him (Aditi Mehra)
Junior Sage Huffman attempts to get past BVSW defense (Aditi Mehra)
Sophomore Camden O’Neal runs as he attempts to stop BVSW offense (Aditi Mehra)
BVW Football team charges at BVSW football team as the play begins (Aditi Mehra)
Senior Caroline Orr yells happily as BVW football team scores another touchdown! (Aditi Mehra[)
Senior Mason Mudge does 42 push-ups as BVW football team scores their 6th touchdown! (Aditi Mehra)

Sophomore Sam Clay, ILB, and Senior Gabe Jenks, ILB lined up for their next play. (Mia Turner)
Patrick and Britney Mahomes on the sidelines of the BVW Varsity Football game against BVSW (Mia Turner )
Senior WR and DB Jack Schneider waiting as plays get called  (Mia Turner )
Senior, John Michael was assisted by Sophomore, Tate Nagy watching the made extra point he kicked. (Katie Gillian)
Junior, Kate Dewitt smiling big while cheering on our Jaguars (Katie Gillian)
Junior, Drew Ryan warms up his arm with a few perfect spirals. (Katie Gillian)
BVW football team led by Senior, Gabe Jenks breaks through the sheet to start their game. (Katie Gillian)
Grant Morrison, John Michael Pujado, and Zack Darche listen as the coaches yell plays. (Lamya Alam)
Senior Cooper Marquette bangs the drum with Mason Mudge before the game. (Lamya Alam)
The football team runs through the cheerleaders. (Lamya Alam)