Homecoming Football Game 10/07

BVW football celebrated homecoming week on Friday night, playing against St. James Academy. In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the theme was pink out.

BVW O-line lines up on yard line after gaining possession of ball. (Lamya Alam)
#7 Senior Josh Kidd celebrating with his Football Coach, Coach Farnsworth after a good play. (Ava Hefner)
BVW band displays their performace prior to jaguar football game starting (Aditi Mehra)
Senior Joseph Lock applies pink face paint as they show their spirit for the pink out game! (Aditi Mehra)
Junior Crew Myers attempts to outrun Saint James Academy defense (Aditi Mehra)
Homecoming King Mason Mudge smiles after the crowning (Aditi Mehra)
Junior Sage Huffman sucessfully outruns Saint James Academy player (Aditi Mehra)
Junior Sage Huffman dodges Saint James Academy player in attempt to outrun defense (Aditi Mehra)
Senior Joseph Lock yells as jaguar football game begins (Aditi Mehra)
Senior Josh Kidd stops Saint James Academy offense (Aditi Mehra)
Senior Kaitlyn White smiles as she cheers on our jaguar football team! (Aditi Mehra)
Senior Mira Becker walks out with her parents during half-time as a homecoming queen candidate. (Lamya Alam)
Homecoming queen candidate Madi Skorupan walks out on field during half-time. (Lamya Alam)
Sophomore AJ Roach communicates with QB Zach Darche before play. (Lamya Alam)
#80 Sophomore Tyler Peterson faces off with #5 on opposing team. (Lamya Alam)
Senior Ben Abraham doing 7 push ups to celebrate the Jaguars first touchdown of the night. (Ava Hefner)
#20 Junior Sage Huffman on offense, running down the field to gain yards for his team. (Ava Hefner)
Senior David Han walking with his parents during half-time as a homecoming king candidate. (Ava Hefner)
Senior Mason Mudge celebrating by hugging his mom after he was crowned homecoming king. (Ava Hefner)
BVW alumni Lauren Kirk crowning Mason Mudge homecoming king. (Ava Hefner)