Boys Varsity Basketball 12/15 vs. LSNorth

The Jaguars defeated the Broncos 74-64

Ty Brechler shoot and makes a free throw. (Anna Schrader)
Senior Ty Brechler warms up with a 3 pointer before the game (Kylie Clark)
Juniors Eli Lovich and Demmy Idowu perform their pregame handshake while the starters are annoucned (Kylie Clark)
Juniors Joey Veverka, Ryan Norkey, Easton Grams, Gannon Bradley, and Connor Boudreaux cheer on the team after they score a point (Kylie Clark)
Gavin Harvey watches the ball while defending an opposing player (Kylie Clark)
Junior Blake Killian sits at half-court waiting to sub in (Kylie Clark)
Junior Eli Lovich avoids running into a player from Lee Summit North (Kylie Clark)
Senior Cooper Marquette dribbles around the arc looking to pass (Kylie Clark)
Coach Hintz pulls Sophomore Tate Nagy aside during a free throw to talk with him (Kylie Clark)
Seniors John Michael Pujado, Sir Trenton Vaughn, and Juniors Blake Killian, and Will Watson sing the alma mater with Sophomore Tate Nagy (Kylie Clark)
Sophomore Tate Nagy makes a drive to the basket.
Junior Eli Lovich gears up for his free throw shot. (Ella Ratigan)
Senior Sir Vaughn guards an out-of-bounds play during a full-court press. (Ella Ratigan)
Sophomore Tate Nagy proves that height isn’t a problem in basketball as he jumps high over the LS West player. (Ella Ratigan)
Junior Gavin Harvey prepares to shoot his free throw shot. (Ella Ratigan)


Junior Blake Kilian warms up by shooting during halftime. (Anna Schrader)
Sophomore Tate Nagy carries the ball down court. (Anna Schrader)
Junior Gavin Harvey shoots and makes a free throw. (Anna Schrader)
Junior Eli Lovich dunks the ball in warm-ups (Makenzie Galliart)
Junior Eli Lovich and Demmy Idowu do their pre-game hand shake (Makenzie Galliart)
Senior Quentin Robertson calls out a play (Makenzie Galliart)
Senior Ty Brechler goes up for the reverse mican (Makenzie Galliart)
Junior Gavin Harvey celebrates a three-pointer (Makenzie Galliart)
Coach Hintz looks up at the score board while the Jags break from the huddle (Makenzie Galliart)
Sophomore Tate Nagy dribbles across half court and looks for the bounce pass (Makenzie Galliart)
Senior John Michael Pujado dives towards the basket looking for the foul on a layup (Makenzie Galliart)
Junior Jackson Lovich swats the ball on the defensive end (Makenzie Galliart)
Junior Blake Killian drives to the basket looking for an “and one” (Makenzie Galliart)
Senior Cooper Marquette dribbles along the three-point line (Makenzie Galliart)