Girls JV Basketball Game (1/24)

Emory Ashcraft, Avery Dawson, Stella West, Photographers

Sophomores, Millie Reitz and Liv Gutierrez cheese while cheering on their JV teammates. (Avery Dawson)
Sophmore Addie Davis is throwing the ball in for a play.(Emory Ashcraft)
Freshman Aubrey Walker is dribbling the ball up the court(Emory Ashcraft)
Hannah Noonan Guarding her Washington High School opponent( Emory Ashcraft)
Freshman Hannah Noonan Shooting the ball(Emory Ashcraft)
Freshman, Hannah Noonan shoots the ball with a little more than three minutes left til half. (Avery Dawson)
Aubrey Walker made a basketball to contribute to the JAG win. (Avery Dawson)
Camryn Carlisle drives to the basket after beating a player on the opposing team. (Avery Dawson)
Sophomore, Addie Davis dunks the ball and makes it in the net. (Avery Dawson)
Aubrey Walker drives the ball to the basketball during the head-to-head game.(Avery Dawson)
Addie Davis holds the ball searching for a player to pass it to. (Avery Dawson)
Freshman Aubrey Walker driving to the basket to shoot a layup. (Stella West)
Sophomore Camryn Carlisle keeping the ball away from the opponent before making a pass to her teammate. (Stella West)
Sophomore Addie Davis taking a 2-point shot. (Stella West)
Sophomore Addie Davis getting ready to make an open shot after beating defenders to the goal. (Stella West)
Sophomore Camryn Carlisle taking a shot against Washington High School. (Stella West)