Swim and Dive Tri Meet vs De Soto / Mill Valley (1/26)

Jaguars win Invite on Senior Night

The boys swim team begins their meet by lifting up Senior Captain Jack Schreiber and chanting. (Avery Dawson)
Senior Trey Krizek hugs Coach as his name is announced for Senior Night recognition. (Jenna Dooley)
Jenna Dooley
Three Jags moments away from diving into the pool for their race. (Avery Dawson)
Senior Sean Willer accepts his flowers after emerging from the tunnel formed by his fellow teammates. (Jenna Dooley)
Sophomore, Gabe Lightner, backflips multiple times into the pool scoring high for the team. (Avery Dawson)
Junior Harrison Cate looks up at the board to see his time after completing his race. (Jenna Dooley)
Senior night brings smiles upon Sean Willer’s face after receiving flowers and  his name being called. (Avery Dawson)
Junior Luke Finzen dives into the pool. (Jenna Dooley)
A Jag athlete swims during freestyle in a close race. (Avery Dawson)
Junior Nick Moeller cheers on other swimmers while racing. (Avery Dawson)
Juniors Luke Allen and Luke Finzen discuss as the meet and season come to an end. (Jenna Dooley)
Sophomore Gabe Lightner prepares for his dive. (Jenna Dooley)
Gage Sherron and his parents smile for a picture during Senior Night. (Avery Dawson)