Boys JV Basketball VS ONHS 1/27

The JV boys went against Olathe North is a tight game but ultimately won against their opponent.

Elizabeth Edmondson, Photographer

Sophomore Luke Goodale plans out his route for getting that basket (Elizabeth Edmondson)
Sophomore Luke Goodale shoots a free throw for his team (Elizabeth Edmondson)
Junior William Watson avoids the opponent as he attempts to pass the ball (Elizabeth Edmondson)
Junior Branden Sander checks his opponent to avoid a block (Elizabeth Edmondson)
Junior Manny Jonah shoots the free throw for a chance to throw another (Elizabeth Edmondson)
The cheer squad spreads their spirit as they perform at halftime (Elizabeth Edmondson)
Sophomore Tyler Peterson attempts to shoot over the opponent’s hands (Elizabeth Edmondson)
Sophomore Caleb Pillers tries to get closer to his basket to make his shot (Elizabeth Edmondson)
Sophomore Carly Gudenkauff cheers for her JV Jags during a quarter break (Elizabeth Edmondson)
Sophomore Luke Goodale tries to pass the ball as an opposing player guards him. (Elizabeth Edmondson)
Junior William Watson attempts to recover the ball for his team (Elizabeth Edmondson)
Sophomore Branden Kirk attempts to shoot and score for his team (Elizabeth Edmondson)
Sophomore Luke Goodale attempts to make a shot in the basket regardless of opposing hands. (Elizabeth Edmondson)
Junior William Watson desperately tries to block the ball from making it into the basket (Elizabeth Edmondson)
Junior William Watson avoids the opposing team while trying to make a basket (Elizabeth Edmondson)
Junior Branden Sander tries for a free throw shot to get a point (Elizabeth Edmondson)
Junior Branden Sander tries to avoid the opponent while keeping the ball in his possession (Elizabeth Edmondson)
Freshman Cade Wysong at the free throw line, successfully making it in (Elizabeth Edmondson)
Sophomore Caleb Pillers takes his shot at making a lay-up (Elizabeth Edmondson)
Sophomore Caleb Pillers dribbles the ball past his opponent (Elizabeth Edmondson)
Freshman Cade Wysong dribbles the ball toward the basket (Elizabeth Edmondson)
Junior Myles Ewell attempts to get the ball from the opponent (Elizabeth Edmondson)
Junior Branden Sander shoots his 3-pointer (Elizabeth Edmondson)
Junior Myles Ewell passes to another teammate to score a point (Elizabeth Edmondson)
Junior Branden Sander Preps before shooting the free throw (Elizabeth Edmondson)