Boys Varsity Basketball vs. BVH 2/03

On February 3rd BV West held there home sweetheart basketball game with a crowning ceremony of the queen Rylee Burns

Junior Blake Kilian pushed the other player to make a shot. (Meredith Cohee)
Jumping to shoot, junior Gavin Harvey scores two points. (Kiara Nissen)
Taking a wide stance, Quentin Robertson guards a Blue Valley player. (Kiara Nissen)
Making strong eye contact, Cooper Marquette guards a Blue Valley player. (Kiara Nissen)
Defending hard, Eli Lovich has his hands up. (Kiara Nissen)
Gavin Harvey jumping to score a layup. (Kiara Nissen)
Coming in fast, Gavin Harvey scores a layup. (Kiara Nissen)
Blake Kilian had a wide-open lane and used that to make a layup. (Kiara Nissen)
After being crowned queen, Rylee Burns looks over to her dad smiling and Rylee’s dad does the same back. (Kiara Nissen)
Eli Lovich getting ready to shoot while trying to break the guard. (Kiara Nissen)
Quentin Robertson has his hands up to block a Blue Valley player from scoring. (Kiara Nissen)
The Cheer team sings along with their peers as they end the night after the game (Elizabeth Edmondson)
The seniors of the student section dress out in red for the red sea theme (Elizabeth Edmondson)
The boys sway to the alma mater after a long game (Elizabeth Edmondson)
Senior John Michel Pujedo defends the ball against another opponent (Elizabeth Edmondson)
Senior Cooper Marquette looks for his next move as he plays defense (Elizabeth Edmondson)
Rylee Burns is announced as sweetheart queen (Elizabeth Edmondson)
Junior Gavin Harvey dribbled to make a basket. (Meredith Cohee)
Senior Rylee Burns becomes the new sweetheart queen. (Meredith Cohee)
Sophomore Tate Nagy dribbles to shoot the basket. (Meredith Cohee)
Junior Gavin Harvey preparing to shoot the ball. (Meredith Cohee)