Winter Signing Day

On February 2nd Blue Valley West held winter senior signing day. Student athletes and coaches gave speaches for family and friends!

Morgan Magee, Lamya Alam, Mia Turner, Kaylin Bergeron, Photographers

Senior Zach Darche laughs as his family talks to him from the bleachers before officially signing at UPenn. (Lamya Alam)
Senior Zach Darche talks about his journey to officially signing at UPenn. (Lamya Alam)
Senior Terrance Saunders introduces himself before he talks about his path to signing at Eastern Michigan. (Lamya Alam)
Zachary Darche laughing at a joke made by another student at senior signing day. (Morgan Magee)
John Michael Pujado giving his signing day speech. Pujado will be attending Baker University in the fall of 2023. (Morgan Magee)
Jack Schneider gives a smile to the crowd at signing day! (Morgan Magee)
Jenny Kim giving her signing day speech. Kim will be attending Adelphi University on a golf scholarship. (Morgan Magee)
Alexander Roy gives a small wave to family and friends in the crowd! (Morgan Magee)
Alexander Roy listens to coach Kyle Conley share funny team moments with the crowd. (Morgan Magee)
Carlo Sadun smiles up at coach Kyle Conley as he expresses how proud he is of the signing senior! (Morgan Magee)
Kate Gifford laughs as she talks about her future plans at Baker University. (Kaylin Bergeron)