Boys Varsity Basketball vs. St. James 2/7

BV West boys varsity basketball went head-to-head with St. James in a close, back-and-forth game. After a hard fight, the game did end in a loss.

Senior Quentin Robertson plays defense against St. James. (Kaylin Bergeron)
Junior Eli Lovich walks back to the bench after being subbed out, congratulated by teammates for all his hard work (Mia Turner)
Junior, Blake Killian aggressively spins away from his opponent towards the basket to go up for a layup. (Katie Gillian)
Junior Gavin Harvey keeps the ball (Mia Turner)
Junior, Eli Lovich receives a pass and looks for his next move. (Katie Gillian)
Blue Valley West dance team performs part of their regionals dance at half time during the boys basketball game. (Katie Gillian)
Junior, Gavin Harvey dribbles past his opponent towards the basket. (Katie Gillian)
Junior, Gavin Harvey looks for his next play with the ball in hand. (Katie Gillian)
Senior, Quinton Robertson runs towards the stands while being introduced at the beginning of the game. (Katie Gillian)
Blake Kilian and St. James player helps Gavin Harveyup after he fell. (Lamya Alam)
BV West bench celebrates as the team scores another basket. (Lamya Alam)
Junior Gavin Harvey passes the ball to Kilian before taking it down the court. (Lamya Alam)
Junior Blake Kilian prepares to catch the ball as St. James basketball team presses them. (Lamya Alam)
Junior Eli Lovich protects the ball from the defender as he finds a player to pass it to. (Lamya Alam)
Junior Jenna Dooley performs the Crimson Cats nationals performance at halftime. (Lamya Alam)
Junior Blake Kilian angerly yells at ref after a bad call and a technical foul called. (Lamya Alam)
Senior Ty Brechler goes to pass the ball to his teammate while playing offense. (Kaylin Bergeron)
Sophomore Tate Nagy shoots a free throw. (Kaylin Bergeron)