Jv Boys Basketball vs. SJA

Emory Ashcraft, Stella West, Photographers

Freshman Cade Wysong getting ready to shoot a free throw. (Emory Ashcraft)
Sophomore Luke Goodale with the ball. (Stella West)
Junior Will Watson getting ready to make a play. (Stella West)
Brandon Kirk brining the ball up the court. (Emory Ashcraft)
Brandon Kirk dribbling the ball up the court ( Emory Ashcraft)
Brandon Sander dribbling ball into the paint.(Emory Ashcraft)
Brandon Sander dribbling the ball to the basketball hoop ( Emory Ashcraft)
Luke Goodale playing defense against his opponent (Emory Ashcraft)
Brandon Sander shooting a free throw ( Emory Ashcraft)
Kyleigh Lenowicz cheering for the basketball game ( Stella West)
Annie Espinoza and Brynley Chrest cheering (Stella West)
Luke Goodale shooting a lay up ( Stella West)
Brandon Sander dribbling the ball up the court (Stella West)
Cade Wysong shooting the ball (Stella West)