Boys Varsity Basketball 2/10 vs BVNW

The BV West boys basketball team faced BV Northwest. The jags put up a good fight but lost it in the 4th quarter. Final score was 44-63.

Junior Gavin Harvey and Blake Kilian attempt to make a basket but the play was blocked by a Northwest player. (Morgan Magee)
Senior boys motion “skis down” at the front of the student section. (Jenna Dooley)
Blake Killian cheered on his teammates from the bench during the game against BVNW. (Carlyn Voor Vart)
Senior Zoey Flanary smiles at the crowd. (Jenna Dooley)
Junior Eli Lovich dunked the ball during the game against Blue Valley Northwest. (Carlyn Voor Vart)
Tate Nagy going up for a layup during the game against Blue Valley Northwest (Carlyn Voor Vart)
Senior Quentin Robertson signals to his fellow teammates. (Jenna Dooley)
Eli Lovich going up for a three-point shot during a game against Blue Valley Northwest (Carlyn Voor Vart)
Sophomore Tate Nagy bringing the ball down the court. (Carlyn Voor Vart)
The freshman listens to the coach. (Jenna Dooley)
Junior Eli Lovich going up for a dunk during the game against Blue Valley Northwest (Carlyn Voor Vart)
Senior John Michael Pujado getting around his defender. (Carlyn Voor Vart)
Jenna Dooley
Sophomore Tate Nagy getting past his defender and going for a layup (Carlyn Voor Vart)
Jag student section chanting “Skies Down” during half time. (Carlyn Voor Vart)
Junior Eli Lovich shakes hands with Demmy Idowu so start the game. (Jenna Dooley)
Senior Jack Schneider and Kaden Rock doing skies down during halftime. (Carlyn Voor Vart)
Junior Gavin Harvey, getting himself open and looking at the basket, preparing to shoot (Carlyn Voor Vart)
Tate Nagy plays defense against BV Northwest. (Morgan Magee)
Senior Josh Kidd reacts after a great play from the BV West team. (Morgan Magee)
Jags put up a great defense! Junior Gavin Harvey dribbles the ball and keeps it out of reach from BV Northwest. (Morgan Magee)
Great game Jags! Sophomore Tate Nagy runs with the ball while he decides his next play. (Morgan Magee)
Sophomore Maggie Reecht cheers at the basketball game on February 10th. (Morgan Magee)
Junior Eli Lovich shoots and makes a free throw (Anna Schrader)
Junior Blake Killian leaps for the ball during tip-off. (Jenna Dooley)
John Michael Pujado drives to the basket while battling a BVNW defender. (Anna Schrader)
Junior Eli Lovich looks for an open pass. (Anna Schrader)
Junior Gavin Harvey shoots and makes a free throw. (Anna Schrader)
Sophomore Tate Nagy carries the ball down the court to the basket. (Anna Schrader)
Junior Blake Kilian looks for a teammate to pass the ball in bounds to. (Anna Schrader)
Sophomore Tate Nagy tries to get past a defender and drive to the basket. (Anna Schrader)