Girls JV Basketball vs BVSW 2/17

The girls JV basketball team played a great game and defeated the Timberwolves 34-16 at home.

Sophomore Suyin Howard drives to the basket for a layup (Anna Schrader)
The JV team cheers on their teammates from the bench (Elizabeth Edmondson)
Junior Millie Rietz dribbles the ball to get closer to their basket (Elizabeth Edmondson)
Sophomore Liv Gutierrez tracks the ball to remain open (Elizabeth Edmondson)
Sophomore Addie Davis blocks the opponent’s pass (Elizabeth Edmondson)
Junior Millie Rietz finds someone to pass the ball to (Elizabeth Edmondson)
Freshman Hannah Noonan defends against their opponent to prevent her from getting the ball (Elizabeth Edmondson)
Sophomore Carly Gudencauf cheers on the JV Girls (Elizabeth Edmondson)
Coach Brown encourages and plans for the second half of the game (Elizabeth Edmondson)
Sophomore Aubrey Walker tries to pass the ball to a teammate (Elizabeth Edmondson)
Freshman Harper Utz goes after the ball as her opponent attempts to pass (Elizabeth Edmondson)
Sophomore Aubrey Walker executes her plan on how to get the point (Elizabeth Edmondson)
Junior Kylie Clark cheers on her teammates (Elizabeth Edmondson)
Sophomore Millie Reitz drives through multiple defenders to get to the basket. (Anna Schrader)
Sophomore Liv Gutierrez takes the ball up the court. (Anna Schrader)
Junior Jaylee Soule shoots the ball. (Anna Schrader)
Freshman Harper Utz tries to look for an open pass. (Anna Schrader)
Freshman Hannah Noonan plays defense. (Anna Schrader)