2/17 Boys Varsity Basketball vs Southwest and Senior night

The Jags faced the Timberwolves on February 17th. The Jags defeated the Timberwolves 75-73!

Morgan Magee, Mia Turner, Carlyn Voor Vart, Photographers

Junior Gavin Harvey defends the ball from a Southwest player. (Morgan Magee)
Cooper Marquette and Will Watson giving fellow teammate John Michael Pujado a high-five after an impressive quarter (Carlyn Voor Vart)
During half-time, Dr. Bonemma helped induct Bill Mcdonald into the Hall of Fame (Carlyn Voor Vart)
Junior Gavin Harvey bringing the ball down the court and getting around his defender (Carlyn Voor Vart)
Junior Eli Lovich shooting a three during the game against BVSW (Carlyn Voor Vart)
Senior Quentin Robertson directs his teammates as to where they need to go for their play (Carlyn Voor Vart)
The bench celebrates as Vinay Shenoy sinks another three at the beginning of the game. (Carlyn Voor Vart)
Senior John Michael Pujado and his dad during senior night (Carlyn Voor Vart)
Senior Quentin Robertson and his parents during senior night (Carlyn Voor Vart)
Sir Trenton Vaughn excitingly showing his grandparents the ball which he received for senior night (Carlyn Voor Vart)
Senior Cooper Marquette and his parents after he walked for Senior Night (Carlyn Voor Vart)
Sir Trenton Vaughn high-fiving his teammates as he is introduced for the game (Carlyn Voor Vart)
Senior Vinay Shenoy shooting free throws (Carlyn Voor Vart)
Cooper Marquette and his parents during senior night (Carlyn Voor Vart )
Junior Eli Lovich shoots a free throw (Mia Turner)
Senior Sir Vaughn and Freshman Cade Wysong stand together to sing the BVW alama matter after defeating BVSW with a score of 75-73. (Mia Turner)
Sophomore Tate Nagy warms up for the big game against BV Southwest. (Morgan Magee)
Senior Quentin Robertson is warming up to shoot a free throw with Jags in the lead 75-73 and 5.6 seconds left (Mia Turner)
Senior Zoey Flanary cheers during the boys basketball game on February 17th. (Morgan Magee)
Junior Blake Kilian with the ball, 19.4 seconds left in the game for the Jags. (Mia Turner)
Mihir Apte singing the National Anthem before the basketball game begins. (Morgan Magee)
Senior John Michael Pujado with the ball, making his way to the basket. (Mia Turner)
Senior Sir Vaughn high-fives his teammates during pregame recognition, (Morgan Magee)
Junior Gavin Harvey passes the ball as he’s surrounded by Southwest players. (Morgan Magee)
Tip-off! BV Southwest gets the ball after tip-off. (Morgan Magee)
Senior Quentin Robertson waves at the crowd during senior recognition. (Morgan Magee)
Senior love! Lindsay Fritz receives flowers during basketball senior night. (Morgan Magee)