2/24 Boys Volleyball

The BVW Boys Volleyball teams played 3 teams this Friday night, including, BVNW, BVSW, and Louisburg.

Ava Hefner, Katie Gillian, Elizabeth Edmondson, Photographer

#11 Senior Braden McConnell giving high fives before the game against BVNW. (Ava Hefner)
Senior Drew Chandler serves the ball to start the rally (Elizabeth Edmondson)
Senior Braden McConnell and Sophomore Walker Wilson block the ball from going over the net (Elizabeth Edmondson)
Senior Braden McConnell prepares to pass the ball as it’s coming toward him (Elizabeth Edmondson)
Senior William Wedman looks at his teammates to prep for the next play (Elizabeth Edmondson)
The Varsity boys celebrate with each other after a good play (Elizabeth Edmondson)
Senior Braden McConnell spikes the ball over the net scoring a point (Elizabeth Edmondson)
Junior Luke Bandre serves the pall to start the play (Elizabeth Edmondson)
Senior William Wedman Serves the ball to start the rally (Elizabeth Edmondson)
Seniors Willam Wedman and Alex Roy switch spots after the ball is served (Elizabeth Edmondson)
Senior Alex Roy and the Varsity team listen to their coach as he gives advice mid-game. (Elizabeth Edmondson)
Senior Braden McConnell talks with teammates before serving the ball (Elizabeth Edmondson)
Senior Braden McConnell jump serves the ball (Elizabeth Edmondson)
Senior Braden McConnel finds the ball as it’s being passed over (Elizabeth Edmondson)
Sophomore Pedro Balieiro serves the ball (Elizabeth Edmondson)
Sophomore Alex Phan and Muhammad Qureshi celebrate after a fantastic play (Elizabeth Edmondson)
Freshman Bryce Norris getting ready to serve to start the game. (Ava Hefner)
BVW Volleyball came together as a team after a play to cheer each other on. (Ava Hefner)
Freshman #7 Joshua Qi serving the ball. (Ava Hefner)