BVW Choir Concert 3/8

Pre-contest concert successful for vocal groups


Cassidy Davis, Chloe Peterson, Photographer

Mrs. Modelski speaks to the audience at the BVW choir concert.

Juniors Reece Walrod and Eden Tinsman prepare to sing their next song at the concert.

Tatum Harrison, Ellie Vaughan, and McKaya Johnson sing front row at the concert.

Maddie Van Saun and Mariah Lentsch come forward to sing their small group part at the BVW concert.

Mrs. Modelski speaks to the audience and introduces the singers.

Maddie Van Saun sings front row at the concert.

Sadiya Abid waits to sing her next song at the concert.

Lillie Large opens her songbook to prepare for her first song of the concert.

Cooper Holmes, Will Hunt, Hadley Holmes, Max Martin, and Noah Holt sing in the BVW choir concert.

Reese O’Neal smiles after a great performance at the concert.

Mrs. Modelski gestures to the singers on stage.

The BVW choir comes together on stage to perform as one group.

The choir takes the stage to perform together.

Laikyn Large, Maddie Kirby, and Abby Duff sing during their concert.

The BVW choir joins together to sing one final song at their concert.