Sweetheart Assembly 2/3

The Sweetheart Assembly was full of fun as the nominees were introduced, games were played, and performances to a member of our staff were extravagant

Swaying to the Alma Mater, seniors Rylee Burns, Caroline Orr, and Kelly Husted link arms with their classmates. (Elizabeth Edmondson)
Senior Ryan Pandjaris smiles at his classmates before they began their dance. (Kaylin Bergeron)
The members of JPCo finish their huddle before starting the assembly. (Kaylin Bergeron)
Senior Lake Ryan performs with his class. (Mia Turner)
Senior Audrey Kirk preforms alongside her class during our sweetheart assembly. (Mia Turner)
Zach Darche and Mira Becker perform their sweetheart crowning act. (Mia Turner)
JPCo Seniors gather around in a circle for a meeting before the assembly begins. (Mia Turner)
Seniors make a claw for Jaguars after their performance. (Mia Turner)
The competition gets heated as cupcakes get eaten at record speed by Freshman and Junior representatives. (Elizabeth Edmondson)
Senior Mia Masterson cheers her classmates on at the assembly. (Elizabeth Edmondson)
Seniors Zoey Flanary and Lake Ryan dance for the y2k performance. (Elizabeth Edmondson)
The Senior boys dance and carry their friends across the floor. (Elizabeth Edmondson)
Seniors Ashley Benson and Ari Shafton soar above as he lifts her in the air. (Elizabeth Edmondson)
Sweetheart Candidates Rylee Burns and Tyler Masterson walk to introduce themselves to the school. (Elizabeth Edmondson)