JAG Benefits

New school year, new schedule.

Power hour (also known as JAG), a newly introduced concept at BV West for the 2017-2018 school year, has changed the outline of the typical school day from previous years. Students are now receiving at least one hour each school day to use as they see fit. Though the idea seemed somewhat daunting as students and faculty approached the new school year, many have taken a liking to the new JAG time and have found their own ways to exercise the newfound freedom.

“It’s now my favorite part of the day because it offers a well needed brain break where we can interact with anyone we want,” Sophomore Kyra Winslett said. “If I have work I need to do, I can do it, but if not I can just talk with people I haven’t been able to see all day.”

Even though JAG allows students freedom to relax and enjoy an hour of free time, productivity is important in order for students to make the most of their time.

“There are so many opportunities for students to get work done, but it’s ultimately up to them to take advantage of the quiet study areas and extra help they can receive in this time,” Winslett said. “But whether they choose to be entirely productive or not is up to them.”

Between extracurriculars and honors classes, many high schoolers struggle with managing their time while maintaining a healthy sleep schedule and social life. JAG allows for benefits that can decrease stress if used proactively.

“I do a bunch of my homework in power hour,” sophomore Larry Chen said. “It’s also a good break during the school day. It’s a good period to catch your breath and relax your head for a bit.”

Chen also enjoys that clubs and other activities have the opportunity to meet up during power hour.

“It’s pretty useful for meeting up with people for various things,” Chen said. “Previously we had little spare time to do that.”

Though the BV West staff and students are still getting used to the new JAG time, students are beginning to see benefits in the amount of school work and stress that they take home every night. From studying for a test to hanging out with friends, power hour can have a positive impact on everyone who chooses to take advantage of it.