JV football game vs. BVNW 10/3

Kylie Clark, Makenzie Galliart

Junior Charley Steinhart runs off the field after a play followed by coach Dickerson 10/3(Kylie Clark)
Sophomore Sam Shelton returns a punt from NW 10/3(Kylie Clark)
Sophomore wide receiver Quin Myers lines up ready for the snap 10/3(Kylie Clark)
Sophomore Wayne Carter tosses the ball to the ref after a play 10/3(Kylie Clark)
JV’s offensive line prepares for the snap and center Noah Perchellet looks to the coach for the play to run (Kylie Clark)
Junior Tyler Bono runs the ball up the field 10/3 (Makenzie Galliart)
Sophomore Sam Shelton slides into the 25-yard line with the ball 10/3 (Makenzie Galliart)
The BV West offensive line turns to the bench as the coach signals a play 10/3 (Makenzie Galliart)
Sophomore Jack Cook runs the ball 10/3 (Makenzie Galliart)
The BV West JV football team shakes hands with BV Northwest after the game 10/3 (Makenzie Galliart)
Wide receiver Wayne Carter goes up for the catch 10/3 (Makenzie Galliart)
Sophomore Tyler Noelker makes the tackle 10/3 (Makenzie Galliart)
Junior Najee Coleman approaches the field 10/3 (Makenzie Galliart)
Junior Noah Perchellet blocks on the offensive line as Sophomore Jack Cook throws the ball for a touchdown 10/3 (Makenzie Galliart)