Girls Varsity Basketball 2/24 Vs. Aquinas

Junior Makenzie Galliart taking her free throw at the line. (Selma Khokher)
Junior Marisa Tomlen dribbling past her opponent. (Grace Keller)
Senior Sammy Rogers searching to pass to her teammates. (Grace Keller)
Senior Lindsay Fritz moving towards the basket during the girls varsity basketball game. (Grace Keller)
Junior Kendal Ford preparing to shoot a basket. (Grace Keller)
Senior Lily Ba dribbling past her opponent with ease. (Grace Keller)
Lindsay Fritz, a senior, getting ready to beat her opponent. (Grace Keller)
Junior Marisa Tomlen attempts to shoot a free throw after being fouled. (Lamya Alam)
Junior Mackenzie Galliurt watches the ball as STA player goes to shoot a free throw. (Lamya Alam)
Senior Lily Ba getting ready for the rebound after an attempted free throw. (Selma Khokher)
Junior Marisa Tomlen looking for a fellow teammate to pass to. (Selma Khokher)
Senior Tess Ensley focusing on getting open for her teammate. (Selma Khokher)
Senior Tess Ensley looking for someone to pass the ball to. (Selma Khokher)