Varsity Baseball vs. Olathe Northwest 3/31

The Jags faced the Ravens during their first home game and defeated them 11-1.

Kaylin Bergeron, Mia Turner, Jenna Dooley, Photographer

Junior Brayden Hindes steps into the pitch. (Kaylin Bergeron)
Senior Luke Axtell fist-bumps Coach Lahasky at first base. (Jenna Dooley)
Junior Jaden Rose huddles with his team after their win against Olathe NorthWest (Mia Turner)
Senior Luke Axtell Bats against Olathe NorthWest (Mia Turner)
Junior Anthony Alvarez slides into third base. (Jenna Dooley)
Senior Jack Schneider is ready on third base. (Mia Turner)
The boys share a laugh after the game. (Jenna Dooley)
Junior Eli Lovich ready to bat (Mia Turner)
Juniors Sage Huffman and Eli Lovich score back-to-back runs. (Jenna Dooley)
Ready to run from third base, junior Samuel Dew watches the pitcher throw the next ball. (Kaylin Bergeron)
Junior Gabe Andrews and Senior Barrett Donaldson embrace in the dugout. (Jenna Dooley)
Junior Sage Huffman leads off first base. (Jenna Dooley)
Barrett Donaldson shows encouragement to teammate Sage Huffman. (Kaylin Bergeron)
Junior Brayden Hindes listens to the coaches’ recap and advice. (Jenna Dooley)
Eli Lovich, Barrett Donaldson, and Andrew Coltharp high-five the coaches after a big win. (Jenna Dooley)