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2012: Not Quite The End Of The World

It’s almost the year 2011, and you all know what that means. Time to get your fallout shelters ready because we are on our way to the end of the world.  Which could quite possibly lead to the extinction of the entire human race if everything goes well.

It’s already been proven true that 2012 will bring the end of the world, so no sense in arguing against it. The most credible news pundits of our time have predicted that the end of days is indeed hurling towards us in some way in just a couple of years.  It has predicted by many and may arrive in any number of ways, be it in the form of a nuclear war, a meteor hitting the Earth, aliens attacking, a zombie outbreak, flying spaghetti monsters or even a nuclear-powered meteor controlled by zombified aliens wrapped in spaghetti.

These brave individuals, the ones who speak of the end of the world, are the people we should have been listening to all along. They have television shows, radio broadcasts and books all about the truth behind 9/11, JFK, the moon landing… etc. Conspiracies found around the world, cracked by these crackpot people. They see through the veil casted by malicious politicians and the liberal media, heroically read between lines to find information that isn’t even there.

For so long, they have selflessly put themselves on the front lines, putting their lives at risk for our safety and for the sake of truth. I’m talking about true blue American heroes like Glenn Beck, well-known Fox News pundit, known for drawing circles on a chalkboard and talking like a person with a mental disorder. Or Alex Jones, whom made a movie about how President Bush and President Obama are hatching a diabolical plot to control our brains and warned us back in the 90’s about how Y2K was going to destroy the world.And then there was even a guy who actually got people to buy seeds for food or gardens or some such, but made them more expensive then regular seeds, claiming they would be priceless after 2012.

Clearly, these people are just in it for the truth and are not in any way trying to scam the entire nation.  All three of these individuals have in some way endorsed the 2012 apocalypse theory; in their movies, on their shows and in their books. And if they say it’s true, then we are all in terrible danger.

Alas, close-minded individuals still say that people like Beck, and Jones are just in it for the money and fame, having no true credibility on the subject and having done no real “research”. How sad it is that so many people just can’t seem to open their eyes to the truth, no matter how ridiculous, idiotic, nonsensical, made-up, outrageous or untrue the truth may be. But how can anyone say Alex Jones is telling lies about the apocalypse when he is such an expert on the subject. Not only is he valiantly reinforcing his latest theory with false rumors and speculations, but he was also responsible for numerous broadcasts in 1999 regarding the end of the world with the whole Y2K theory. So his experience with the matter is certainly not in question, because he already predicted that the end of the world was going to occur over 10 years ago.

But it isn’t just them; it’s all the evidence that has piled up over the past few years. Take the Mayan calendar for example.

Clearly a piece of work originally designed to tell the time, as well as predicting when the end of all time would be. That’s just common sense. While experts in the field of Mayan study and modern Mayan civilizations would refute this claim, quite possibly being coerced into doing so by the New World Order run by terrorists and the American government, claiming there is no evidence that the end of any calendar means the end of the world.

They might also say that the Mayans had several calendars that ended at earlier dates, and it was usually a cause for celebration in their culture when they reached the end of a cycle or revolution. People need to be strong enough to stand up to experts, who actually know what they are talking about, and stand up instead for what they believe or what television shows and the Internet tell them.

In all seriousness though, the world isn’t coming to an end, and it certainly not something any of us can predict. People like to think it is simply because it’s such an interesting topic. People buy books and movies; they buy into the theories out there in the hopes of knowing the truth that so few know, gaining some obscure self-identity in the process. It’s an exciting feeling, but it isn’t a real one.

There are actually no legitimate claims that anything will happen. It’s purely western culture speculation and rumors about things that the theorists don’t fully understand, and then blown completely out of proportion. It’s human nature to assume the worst, but all this speculation almost leads me to think people are actually starting to hope for the worst.

Some put so much of themselves into these theories it isn’t surprising to see that they would become so stubborn about the topic. But spreading the “truth” leads to real life problems and what starts out as innocent speculation grows into full-blown fear mongering that people will really start to believe. And when people buy into that fear, bad things start to happen to good people. And when those things happen, those who spread the lies and fear mongering will have to live with the real life consequences and take responsibility for the lives they have indirectly harmed.

People just need to be smart enough to think for themselves and just live their lives, not oblivious like some might say, but enlightened that some things are just the way they are because they are.

And there is nothing more to it than that.

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