Beloved Disney Movies Reopen in 3-D

Abby Krstulic, Section Editor

After my disappointing realization that I would be missing The Lion King in 3D, I was determined to make it to the theatres to see Beauty and the Beast, the next 3D installment by Disney. My friends and I all made an outing to AMC; we were excited to be seeing our favorite Disney movie in theatres. We put our 3D glasses on and got ready to throw ourselves into the beast’s castle.
Like I said, Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorite Disney movies. I don’t know what it is, but something about the story is just so magical and sweet. After a prince fails to help an enchantress disguised as an elderly woman, he is placed under a spell that turns him into a beast and turns his servants into enchanted objects. He is given an enchanted rose and is told that he must find someone whom he can love and who can love him for who he is. If the rose dies before this happens, he is to remain a beast for forever. Years later, a young woman named Belle, the daughter of an inventor and an avid reader, is searching for something more than her small town in France has to offer. When her father loses his way and ends up being held captive by the Beast, Belle offers herself in her father’s place. Though they argue and do not like each other at first, through time, they bring out the best in each other and prove that beauty is only skin deep.
Something that is important to note is that not everything pops out at you in a 3D movie such as this. I’m not sure how many people are expecting that, but if that is something to be expected, then take this movie off your list and save the $14. Many of the things that pop out are actually in the background- i.e. when the Beast is showing Belle his library, some of the staircases and shelves are popped out just slightly. To me, this made the movie more lively but did not distract the viewers from what is going on in the movie.
Many people find it annoying that Disney is coming out with their movies in 3D because it’s an attempt to make more money. I really don’t care what their motive was. The movie provided me with a fun night with my friends, watching a movie that I love. All Disney fans who want to do this should not shy away from going to see the movie. I will most definitely be making another trip to theatres in the fall when Finding Nemo is rereleased in 3D, when Monster’s Inc comes out in the summer of 2013, and of course, when The Little Mermaid becomes part of the 3D world in the fall of 2013.