Captain Marvel Movie Review

My personal opinions about the Captain Marvel movie

Kyler Murphy, Reporter

The Captain Marvel movie introduced the first female lead to Marvel’s MCU and personally I’m a fan. While there were some parts that I wasn’t a fan of the movie as a whole was well produced and there was no cgi that really took me out of the moment which is hard to do with a movie like Captain Marvel. It comes it at a 78% on rotten tomatoes which seems like a good number to me.

Warning Spoilers Ahead:

I like the way they started the movie with Verrs (Captain Marvel) banging on Yon-Rogg door and demanding a training session which introduces us to the supreme intelligence the overall bad guy in the end the leader of the Kree.

There was also the turn of villainy from the skroll to the kree and that turn was well done and the way they finally showed us the background of Carol Danvers was great and I think that the final fight while really just one sided with a slight scare because Captain Marvel hadn’t yet made it to rescue her friends and the skroll.

I would have to movie an 8/10 due to the end scene not being as climatic due to the fact she unlocked her full power and could just destroy everyone but I did love the effects they did with her hair and how that all panned out so great work marvel another awesome movie.