Hot Pocket Review

Roses are red, violets are blue, this is the BV West Hot Pocket review

Kyler Murphy and Kennedy Kramer

Hot Pockets are essentially pizza burritos and at some point or another, almost everyone has eaten the magnificent creation known as Hot Pockets, even people that don’t like pizza! But what’s the best flavor? This taste-test will cover four fantastic flavors, with the pros and cons of each kind.


Pepperoni Pizza: First is the classic and the most popular pocket that was first brought to the shelves in 1983 by the Nestlé company. It’s simply delicious, there are no other words for it. It encaptures the delicious taste of pizza without the large portion. It’s a perfect size. The only downside is the sauce and other ingredients can overwhelm the garlic seasoning.  (Score 8/10)


Cheddar Cheeseburger: This flavor wraps up the thrills of your average burger into an appetizing and inexpensive bundle. The real protein-packed meat captures hints of an actual burger, such as way too much cheese and onions, but, without the messy bun getting in the way. The only noticeable disadvantage is that the cheese can harden quickly after it’s cooked. Overall, however, the score is lower on the list because of how much it tastes like those one dollar McDonald’s burgers. (Score 5/10)


Beef Taco: The key here is those huge chunks of beef, which are glued together by this gooey cheese in a perfect symphony of salty indulgence. There’s a little spice that’s flooded by the seasoning. It tastes like you accidentally dumped the whole packet of sauce on the pocket and just said: “to heck with it.” However, it’s still exceedingly palatable. The fact that the snack accurately sums up a beef taco is even more pleasing to the eater. So it clearly deserves a solid score. (Score 7.5/10)


Breakfast: These ones make mornings better through the combination of applewood smoked bacon, egg and cheese wrapped in the classic buttery crust. While they are processed, this hot pocket is certainly a quick, “on-the-go” guilty pleasure ready in only 2 minutes. It’s hard to get enough of them because they’re just so delicious. The flaky crust surrounding the insides is a perfect, hearty start to the day, but, they can be eaten at any time that one is solely craving the array of sausage, ham, or even the Lean brand, which has no artificial flavors. Snack on! (Score 7/10)


Mozzarella and Meatballs: As a personal preference, I’ve never liked meatballs in the first place, but the combination is greatly popular to others, making it one of the most divisive eats in the frozen food aisle. They’re not the best when microwaved, which is the quickest cooking method, because the interior turns to a hot mush that’s not very appetizing. Overall, it leaves room to desired, the texture is all wrong and it can be quite messy, but that’s just one look at it. Others think it’s great! (Score 3.5/10)