Halloween Orchestra Concert Oct. 19

Spooky tradition continues with musicians wearing costumes and passing out candy

Julian Duarte, Andy Duarte

Unfortunate! Orchestra member Francis Lee’s instrument is broken in a comical skit during the halloween orchestra concert! (Andy Duarte)
From maids to pirates, the orchestra strings mesmerize the crowd in a complicated halloween special! (Andy Duarte)
Look at those strings! The cello players are deep in thought as they recite a song from Beetlejuice (Andy Duarte)
Spooky! The younger orchestra members show off their halloween outfits while playing some halloween songs (Andy Duarte)
The focus! The older group of orchestra members are playing a classic halloween tune for the audience to enjoy (Andy Duarte)
A classic duo of a minion and his trusty banana walk smoothly across the stage to show off their outfits! (Andy Duarte)
Slow down! A kid in a sloth outfit strolls across stage during a chilling performance! (Andy Duarte)
Junior Francis Lee is putting away his instrument while donning a maid costume. (Julian Duarte)
One of the best violinists in the state is being congratulated as Mr. Book regales the crowd about her accomplishments. (Julian Duarte)
What a wicked costume! In this photo a student presents himself with a detailed Plague Doctor costume (Julian Duarte)
Xheon Arnado and his fellow cello-ists play in unison. (Julian Duarte)
These violin players are dressed in a very professional manner as they play a wonderful melody. (Julian Duarte)
Ethan Elston plays along with all of his fellow orchestra members crowded beside him. (Julian Duarte)
These cello players are focused and getting ready for the next song to start. (Julian Duarte)
Mr. Book greets the audience and thanks them for being able to attend the concert, while wearing a Jaws costume. (Julian Duarte)
The purge mask wearing student is playing his heart out in the photos as the rest of his orchestra friends join him. (Julian Duarte)
Arianna Garcia plays her violin while wearing a Ms. California costume. (Julian Duarte)