Asian Multicultural Festival 1/21/23

Members who attended the festival are playing a game located at a table. (Julian Duarte)
Students are reading an information slip at one of the tables. (Julian Duarte)
A friend group is reading a Korean to English translation book. (Julian Duarte)
How Sweet! One of the volunteers working at the festival is giving out sharpies for high schoolers to contribute to the activity. (Julian Duarte)
A student is explaining the rules of a game to students who were interested in trying it. (Julian Duarte)
Fun! Students play a game of kahoot to learn about ancient Asia facts!
Asian multicultural club members gather on the floor of the gym to talk during their festival!
Junior Nick shoots some hoops at the Blue Valley gym
Fun! Students throw darts at the Blue valley high festival!
Some students play a fun dice game at the asian multicultural festival!