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Why Voting in this Election Mattered

Stephen Kinder, Contributer

November 16, 2016

Filed under Opinion

No doubt about it, this election is probably the most hyped event of 2016. While the "hype" is a relative term, it is almost impossible to not hear about the election once a day. Stats from polls have shown that more people have voted early than ever. Yet, some choose not to vote for a candidate for...

5 Tips to Making the Most of Homecoming

5 Tips to Making the Most of Homecoming

Jonah Park

September 26, 2016

Filed under Opinion

With homecoming a short two weeks away, it’s time to start making preparations and plans for the dance, if you have not done so already. Here are five quick tips to making sure you are all set for the big night: Establish a date early on Especially for boys, it is important to establish a date as...

Walmart: $ Savvy…not trashy

Walmart: $ Savvy…not trashy

Sydney Milonovich, Guest Contributor

September 30, 2015

Filed under Opinion, Uncategorized

Every week there are 100,000,000 people who shop at the supermarket committed to providing their customers with the lowest prices, Wal-Mart. According to Global Insight, the regular American family can save $2,500 a year by shopping at Wal-Mart. This widely known supercenter may be accepted in other...

Smartphone Addiction

John A. Byrket, Writer

September 4, 2015

Filed under Features, Opinion, Web Exclusives

Teenagers are addicted to their phones. Its that simple. Walking around the halls of any school you won’t even be able to see what kids faces look like because they are looking down at their phones. According to Pewinternet facts over 67% of cell owners find themselves checking their phone for messages,...

Netflix: The Internet Equivalent of a Library

Brittany Reid and Sophia Schmidt

May 21, 2015

Filed under Arts & Entertainment, Features, Opinion

Netflix, everyone’s new love. Who isn’t addicted and obsessed with the 21st century time waster? Many people have recently gotten hooked on Netflix within the past two years and it has only gotten bigger. More and more students at Blue Valley West are getting in on the obsession with Netflix. ...

AP Tests for Freshman

Mikaela Schmitt, 21CJ Reporter

May 21, 2015

Filed under Features, Opinion

Finals are a stressful time, but even more stressful are the AP Tests. As people look forward to summer, they just have to get through the AP tests and finals, then they are free. An AP (advanced placement) class is like an honor class, to the extremes. At the end of the year, students can take a...

Dia De la Comida Internacional

John A. Byrket, Reporter

March 11, 2015

Filed under Opinion

  Once a year, every spring, foreign languages take a break from learning languages and embrace the other cultures by eating food from other foreign language classes. This event is a really fun day for the teachers and all of the students that participate in it.  This is not just a day to eat foo...

Grades: Are They Important?

Grades: Are They Important?

Hannah Engelken, Reporter

March 11, 2015

Filed under Opinion, Top Stories

Staying up till 3 a.m. and waking up at 6 a.m. is not healthy. Kids have to stay up late almost every night to keep up with school, sports, clubs, jobs, social life, and family. How are kids supposed to be active in school if they are living on of 3-5 hours of sleep? 59% of teenagers report that managing...

Late Arrival- Everyday?

Annika Jensen, Reporter

February 25, 2015

Filed under Opinion

  When you are at school you often see kids arriving late and rushing to class, with almost no time to spare. Most students would also agree that school starts to early. A majority of adults say that teens need eight to ten hours of sleep a night, however school administrators start school...

Parking Lot Grievances

Lauren Lenson, Reporter

February 9, 2015

Filed under Opinion

  School ends at 2:50 pm, but most students who attend Blue Valley West agree that they don’t end up getting home until around 3:20. Often times, these students live five minutes away from the school.  “Our parking lot here at West is somewhat equivalent to a zoo,” says freshman Hannah Engelken....

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