Jungle Jam 8/27

Casual dance has hundreds attend to celebrate first week of school.



Students hook up to sing the Blue Valley West alma mater before wrapping up the night. (Raman Rana)
Sofia Novosel laughing and smiling at the camera. (Raman Rana)
JPCO students Sumaya Ahmed and Sarah Mollan on clean up duty! (Raman Rana)
JPCO pouring in soda for the students. (Raman Rana)
Picture of the crowd in the dark at Jungle Jam. (Raman Rana)
Nnaemeka Okpareke showing off his moves in the dance circle. (Raman Rana)
Students hyping up Johnny Liang in the dance circle. (Raman Rana)
Blurry picture of Sofia Novosel and Ainsley Parker dancing before the students arrived. (Raman Rana)
Sofia Novosel dancing to Dancing Queen by Abba. (Raman Rana )
Shanzay Qalbani dancing and Cooper Marquette posing for a picture. (Raman Rana)
Students jumping up and down to Miley Cyrus’ Party in the USA. (Raman Rana)
Mia Masterson, Noorah Abdel, Katherine Boston, Sophia Carey, Erica Shroeder, and Ellen Kryer posing for a group picture. (Raman Rana)
Aydin Freeman and Malegiah Vietti dancing together. (Raman Rana)
Simran Baidwan showing off her school spirit of “out of the jungle”! (Raman Rana)
Mason Seaberg, Ainsley Parker, Ivy Lee, and Sofia Novosel posing for a picture. (Raman Rana)