Monday Tests Affect Students

Molly Brown, Reporter

 Mondays are awful. If there was a poll for which day of the week is the worst, Monday would be in for the win. After a relaxing weekend of sleeping in and having fun, the alarm buzzes early in the morning. The snooze button can only be hit so many times before reality sets in and its time to wake up.

Coming to school on Mondays is enough of a struggle. The only thing that makes them worse is tests. The Friday before, teachers inform the class that they have a test Monday. Most students remember, but they don’t pick up their homework until Sunday afternoon. When it comes to that afternoon, study guides are pulled out and stared at blankly. No notes, or homework can jog their memories about how to do the problems. So, they do their best to study but eventually just give up and say that they will go talk to their teachers in the morning.

This creates another problem, because usually the teachers are not there or 20 other students stand in the room waiting for help. With our crazy schedule at BV West, it is unfair for tests to be given on a Monday. The students that have class Monday are not given the extra time to get help, like those that have class Tuesday and have multiple extra chances to go in to see teachers.

According to district policy, tests may not be given on Friday. Teachers may call them quizzes and give them on Fridays, but they may not be called tests. It seems better to have 7 quizzes on Friday than 3 or 4 big tests on a Monday. Tests should at least be saved for Wednesdays or Thursdays. These days allow more time to get the help that is needed to be successful on the test.

The school district wants to see better grades and higher tests scores. Therefore, they would get more results by only giving tests midweek. Tests are designed to show what has been learned, but with the pressure on students to be outstanding, that extra time can be tons of help.