Freshman Girls Soccer Tryouts Start Feb 28

Coming off a State Championship, varsity spots are expected to be competitive


Tryouts for sports are always one of the most stressful weeks of the school year, but it’s even more stressful being a freshman going in. As a freshman, everything is new. The system, coaches, teammates, schedules; basically you’re an outsider.
“I am scared of high school tryouts because I am going into a new program that I am not familiar with,” freshman Megan Fritz said.
While it is stressful, it’s also an element of excitement. It is an opportunity to represent your school and play with some of your best friends. Some girls have played since they were little and some started recently. Either way, it is a chance for many girls from every grade to get together and represent their school.
“High School is definitely different [than a club. You get to play in front of your whole school, and not just parents. It is definitely nerve-racking coming into freshman year knowing you will play in front of a big crowd of your friends,” Fritz said.
Most freshmen talked about how nervous they were because of the difference in the crowds you play for.
“Coming into high school, it is a clean slate. You get opportunities and be a different player than before,” said freshman Kyra Berman
Some of the issues freshman face are significant.
“The thing that I am super nervous about is letting my school down. If I get on a higher team, that is more pressure,” Berman said.
Everything as a freshman is scary and different. You feel the pressure and don’t want to mess up. At the same time, being a freshman allows you to make mistakes and grow to do better the next season. Doing soccer as a freshman is an amazing experience. It is different then playing for the club you play for. Other than representing your team, there are many more amazing experiences.
“It definitely helps you step out of your comfort zone and helps you make new friends, even outside your grade.” Fritz said.
All freshmen are looking forward to playing with an amazing team that has won state many years in a row. Although it might be intimidating, they all are determined to show what they can bring for the school.

Girls soccer tryouts start Monday, Feb 28 after school.