Varsity Boys Basketball vs BV 2/11

Hadley Kelemen and Aditi Mehra, Photographer

Cooper Forcellini prepares to take a free throw. (Hadley Kelemen)
Jackson Lovich finishes shooting a basket. (Hadley Kelemen)
Jack Ratigan and Jack Spencer help up their teammate up. (Hadley Kelemen)
Senior Sam Ungashick dribble through the lane towards the basket. (Hadley Kelemen)
At the game against Blue Valley High, senior Jackson Lovich goes up for a reverse michan while Jack Spencer gets ready to rebound. (Hadley Kelemen)
Senior Sam Ungashick dribbles the ball down the court while looking for a pass. (Hadley Kelemen)
Senior Jack Ratigan dribbles the ball as the Blue Valley defenders try and block his shot. (Hadley Kelemen)
Coach Wright is honored at the basketball game as he is inducted into the BVW Hall of Fame. (Hadley Kelemen)
Battle in the air! Jack Ratigan battles to get the ball to his teammate at the tip-off. (Hadley Kelemen)
Aditi Mehra
Aditi Mehra
Sam Ungashick looks for other teammates to pass the ball to as defense guards him (Aditi Mehra)
Sam Ungashick dribbles ball as he attempts to get past defense (Aditi Mehra)
Senior Jackson Lovich dunks ball earning the BVW basketball team two points. (Aditi Mehra)
Seniors Cooper Forcellini and Dunsi Idowu doing pre-game handshake (Aditi Mehra)
Senior Cooper Forcellini attempting to dribble ball past defense (Aditi Mehra)
Senior Brooks Lowe “parting the red sea” during halftime (Aditi Mehra)
Seniors Jackson Lovich and Dunsi Idowu doing pre-game handshake (Aditi Mehra)