Varstiy Softball 3/28

Jaguars split double-header with BV North Mustangs

Kaylan Cornelius, Photographer

Sophomore Camryn Carlisle made an amazing catch to make the third out for BV North.
Coach Dickerson high-fives junior Audrey Dryden
Bethany Burt prepares to bat.
Junior Sarah Buehler throws a pitch to the batter.
The team gathers for a quick huddle to talk strategy.
Madyson Starkey hits the ball and get ready to run.
Pitcher Madyson Starkey throws an amazing fastball.
Audrey Dryden warms up in the outfield
Camryn Carlisle catches the ball at second to get an out.
Junior Audrey Dryden celebrates running through home base.
Sophomore Camryn Carlisle makes a great effort to get BV North player out on second base.
Junior Scarlett Mills is focusing as the pitcher gets ready to pitch.
Sophomore Mady Starkey is in the middle of a great pitch.
Sophomore Mady Starkey is pitching, trying to strike out the batter.
Junior Sarah Buehler is congratulated by the catcher after a great pitch.
Sophomore Adlyn Mieras is warming up before her at bat.
Sophomore Madyson Starkey takes a hard hit to the ball.
Senior Bre Wilson made an amazing catch at home to get BV North player out.
Junior Sarah Buehler is setting up to throw a strike.
Sophomore Adlyn Mieras is waiting for the play.
Junior Sarah Buehler is winding up to strike out the batter.
Junior Scarlett Mills made a great catch at first base.
Junior Audrey Dryden is up to bat and is getting encouragement by Coach Dickerson.
Sophomore Camryn Carlisle steps up to base and gets in batting position as Blue Valley North pitcher gets ready to pitch (Aditi Mehra)
BVW pitcher Sarah Buehler swings arm back as she pitches (Aditi Mehra)
Junior Scarlett Mills defends base 1 (Aditi Mehra)
BVW pitcher swings her arm back as she pitches softball (Aditi Mehra)
Sophomore Adlyn Mieras gets ready to bat (Aditi Mehra)
BVW batter gets ready to swing bat back as BVN pitcher pitches softball (Aditi Mehra)
Junior Sarah Buehler pitches the ball to BVN batter (Aditi Mehra)