Softball vs BVSW 5/9

Lexi Reeder, Reporter

Sophomore Mady Starkey was talking to Coach Dickerson before her next at bat. (Lexi Reeder)
Senior Bre Willson was getting ready to throw the ball down to second, to attempt to get the BVSW runner out. (lexi reeder)
Sarah Buehler was pitching with hopes of striking out the batter. (Lexi Reeder)
Danielle Steenkamp came sliding into home. (Lexi Reeder)
Sophomore Camryn Carlisle was getting ready to field a ball. (Lexi Reeder)
Bella Diggs was running back to first base after a foul ball was hit. (Lexi Reeder)
Senior Bre Willson was up to bat against the BVSW pitcher. (Lexi Reeder)
McKenzie Glover was preparing to get a hit off the BVSW pitcher. (Lexi Reeder)
Pitcher Sarah Buehler was waiting for the catcher Bre Willson to throw the ball back to her. (Lexi Reeder)
Adlyn Mieras was down and ready to field the ball. (Lexi Reeder)