Performing Arts Showcase 09/15

The Performing Arts Department put on their annual showcase on 09/15. It included performances from Orchestra, band, debate, choir, and theater.


Alli Kushner

The BVW Band closed the showcase with the Fight Song and Alma Matter. (Alli Kushner)
Juniors Kennedy White and Lily Seitz were singing and dancing front row of the Chamber Choir. (Lexi Reeder)
Senior Sophia Carey walks onto stage as she is introduced as a contestant in “Most Embarrassing Parent.” (Alli Kushner)
Senior Delainey Seibert plays an elementary school student in the comedy segment of the Performing Arts Showcase. (Alli Kushner)
Juniors Lance Carter and Haley Hellings acted in the comedy segment. (Alli Kushner)
Sophomore Mayank Shrestha listens as Mr. Book talks to the audience. (Alli Kushner)
Juniors Lily Seitz and Eric Kim put on a comedy skit during the Performing Arts Showcase. (Alli Kushner)