Band Concert 3/31/23 @BVW

Julian Duarte, Andy Duarte, Photographer

The drums are full center and being played professionally by a member of the BVW Band. (Julian Duarte)
Junior Kenny Halls readies himself to play the Tuba at the band concert! (Andy Duarte)
The rest of the band watches as the trombones take the show in the bvw band concert. (Andy Duarte)
The brass section plays their heart out during their section at the band concert. (Andy Duarte)
Junior Alexander Calvez and the rest of the woodwind section stand up for applause at the band concert. (Andy Duarte)
A trumpet player soothes the audience with finesse and skill with a passionate performance. (Julian Duarte)
A saxophone player gives the performance of a lifetime on the big stage! (Julian Duarte)
How Great! a flute player stands out in the crowd and steals the show with an amazing performance. (Julian Duarte)
Amazing! 3 band students play the trumpet with maximum effort. (Julian Duarte)